Okay, some of you may say - "Ras wha?" Yes, it's Rastafarian, it's a type of dog breed. So, you've not seen this breed before and wonder how it looks like... Do imagine this, a walking brown mop. Still couldn't imagine? Have a look with your own eyes!

This look like a rug, if it's infront of door step or toilet, you might be rubbing your feet against it.

I guess if you see this any where, you might feel disgusted at first but will go closer and take a look.

Okay, if you see this around, you might be really terrified or freaked out and thinking what on earth is this creature.





You might be thinking what mop this is if it's not moving, or maybe it's a witch broom if you see this moving.


I got to know about this breed from a forward mail and google it ! Tt seems like when it's still a puppy, the fur/coat doesn't look like this. Eventually as they grow older, it kinda "dreadlock" itself.

i forward the mail to my fellow colleagues and it seems like this breed is scarry and somehow not many people can tolerate/handle it. As for me, I think it's quite cool but i'll just cut the fur short, even my Suki's fur is always short. I couldn't imagine how am I suppose to groom him/her. Second thought, I guess I'll have to shave it all then! But I wonder how's the natural characteristic of this dog like, have you come across this breed before?

Anyhow, my personal opinion is that it looks like he/she knows how to rap! No kidding, doesn't Rastafarian looks like a cool rapper?


cahaya said...

wow...rasta looks very cool. especially the 3rd photo. pose like a superstar! :D

emeryn said...

Wahaha..yeah.. That's why I say looks like a rapper! so, it's a superstar rapper~

Stacy Jones said...

Wow what a cute little rag mop dog.

Emeryn said...

Yeah.. I think this doggie is kinda cute n cool! But i don't think we have this breed in Malaysia unless we import it in.

Anonymous said...

Awwzzz ish cute
id want a dreaded dog, it'd match me when i get my dreads XD

www.huesca-3d.com said...

It can't really work, I suppose like this.