Craziest and Proudest Thing I've Done for My Furkid

I believe everyone has their crazist or proudest thing that he/she achieved or done in past years. How if I ask, what's the craziest or proudest thing you've done for your beloved pet? Scratching your head? or maybe you've way too many to mention.

For me, having my first furkid meant a lot to me which I would like and will do many things for her. But, so far, one of the proudest thing I've done for her is building sewing her a house. Yes, I meant sewing.

I remember it was on 23rd October 2006, it was my semester break then. There was too much time wasted and something just strike my mind, to do/create something for my furkid. Since I do not work much part time job then, every cents count. Buying a nice warm, comfy bed for pet cost a lot. So, I decided to sew her one.

Not wasting anymore time, I purchased the items next day and started working on it. It wasn't much of items coz I've already have some at home. Anyway, items for her house below.

1. Foldable mattress
2. Cloth
3. Lace for design
4. Sponge
5. Pillows
6. Teddy Bears
7. IKEA christmas light

I spent 1 1/2 day to complete her house and it was complete satisfaction. I just can't wait to see her having a tight sleep in there.

Ta Daa!!!!! Suki's House Exterior View

Zoon-in View

Interior View


Star Light Star Bright, don't worry, Suki's house does have light as well and she'll have Christmas mood always.

Of coz when I intro Suki to her house, she take precaution steps. She doesn't just run in and sleep. She sniff around and slowly walk in to investigate. Once she feel comfortable, there she goes, my sleeping princess. I felt so proud!

It is quite easy to sew a house for your lovely furkid, all it takes is a little creativity and patience. You'll feel the satisfaction when you see your furkid goes in and sleep daily. Enjoy building one too!~


Oh No! What to Do?

"Oh no! What to do?!"... These are common sentence used by most of new pet owners when their pet is not well. Of course, I've been through the situation as well as many of you too.

As you know, I've been reading those pet megazine and really, there are enormous useful information in it which I would really like to share and help. So, let's see here.

A piece of advise from me, always do bring your pet for their vaccination or de-worm on time. On the due date of the earlier vaccine, the medicine/vaccine might have worn off and your pet are exposed to many types of viruses which could cause fatal.

A condition that is common in puppies and kittens especially so during the first few days when a puppy or kitten arrives due to a change of environment and stress. So, if the diarrhoea does not eprsist for more than a few hours, there is no cause for worry unless your pet shows other signs of illness.

What to do?
Do not feed your petn for puppies and kittens for at least 6 hours. After 12 hours, gradually begin feeding bland, easily digestible foods, such as cooked chicken and rice. provide constant access to water.

See the vet!
Should you notice blood in your pet's stools or other accompanying distresses such as vomiting lethargy, bring to the veterinarian immediately.

Occasional vomiting is not an unusual condition for puppies and kittens.They could have eaten too fast, swallowed something they shouldn't have, or picked up a short-lasting illness.

What to do?
Withold food and water for about 4-6 hours. If you feed your pet too soon after vomiting episode, it may just vomit again. After 6-10 hours, being feeding bland food gradually. If your puppy or kitten is on medication, ask your veteranian if that could be the source of vomiting.

See the vet!
When the vomit is black and bloody, when there is acoompanying bloody stools or if the vomiting persists and your pet appears lethargic.

Dogs cough for a variety of reasons, some of which could be serious in themselves and others, which could be signs of an underlying problem. Coughing that sounds like gagging could mean that something is caught at your puppy's throat. Coughing could also be a sign of an upper respiratory infection in puppies and kittens.

What to do
Gently open your pet's mouth and check for foreign objects. If possible, fish it our of the mouth. Encourage your puppy to drink more water.

See the vet!
Whent he coughing or gagging is persistent, or when you notice that your puppy has difficulty breathing or if the gums appear blue. If your puppy has been boarded recently, then it could be a case of kennel cough.

Ear mites
If you notice that your puppy or kitten is scratching its ears or shaking its head regularly, then there could be a possibility of an ear mite infection. You might notice a brown or black discharge and possibly an offensive smell.

What to do?
If the problem is caught early enough, then home treatment might be useful. As your vet for a good ear-cleaning solution that also contains a compound to kill mites. Take care when cleaning your pet's ears. Use a cotton ball instead of a bud and only clean parts where you can see.

See the vet!
If the ears are too badly infected and full of discharge, then bring to the veterinarian immediately.

Puppies and kittens are born with intestinal worms. if your young pet has an obvious swollen belly, suffers weight loss and has a dull coat, then it could be suffering from worms.

What to do?
Your pet can also get worms from coming contact with the faeces of other animals or by eating fleas snd small prey, so ensure that you keep a close eye on your pet. Use only prescription wormers as recommended by your veterinian.

See the vet!
When you first bring a puppy or kitten home, do a llow the veterinarian to do a de-worming precess. Subsequently, when you notice a possible re-infestination, bring a stool sample to your veterinarian for a confirmation and routinely use a de-worming medicine.

Keep Them Safe

Vaccinations are the best way to protect your pet against a whole range of distressing and possibly fatal diseases. For some viruses, there aren't any treatments available so preventation isz always better than cure. Your vet will probably vaccinate your puppy or kitten at between eight to 12 weeks of age as it has been found that their immunity levels are to decrease or disappear altogether during the time.

For puppies
Canine Distemper (hard pad) : A virus that affects the nervous and immune systems. I is transmitted through air and is often fatal.

Canine Parvovirus (parvo) : A virus that affect the intestines and bowels and is transmitted through contact with infected faeces.

Canine Parainfluenza (kennel cough) : A highly contagious disease that results from dog living in close quarters, such as kennel.

Leptospirosis : A serious bacterial disease that is extremely contagious and is transmitted via any fluid dischage from an infected animal.

For kittens
Feline panleukopenia (FPV) : Also known as Feline Distemper, the virus infects intestinal tracts and breaks down the body's defenses. A fstal disease, it may cause high fever, uncontrollable vomiting, diarrhoea and sudden death.

Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) : A contagious and deadly virus that can be transmitted through bodily fluids. Vaccination for this virus should depend on cat's age and its risk of exposure.

Rhinotracheitis (Herpes) : This is severe viral disease which affects the respiratory system, It also affects the reproductive tract and can cause complications during pregnancy.

Calicivirus (cat flu) : A severe viral disease which causes upper respiratory symptoms and oral ulcers. Although it may seem like just another bad cold, it can be fatal to cats.

NOTE : The above information are taken from Clubpets, issue No.25, pg30, a bundle of health .


Upcoming : Dogathon 2008

Hey guys together with your 4-legged friend, the Dogathon event which I have much anticipate is back! This event have actually kickstart since 1997 and to be held yearly which is to address the awareness of stray dogs. In this event, the owner and the furkid will need to run/walk for 2.5km.

I just can't wait for the following date as I have much enjoyed Dogathon last year. Usually, my furkid wouldn't want to run nor jog, she'll just hardened her body and sit still at 1 place. To my surprise, on the Dogathon 2007 she just wouldn't stop running and I couldn't catch up with her.

Dogathon 2008
Theme : Aerospace 2008
Date: Sunday, August 10, 2008
Venue: Bukit Expo, UPM
Time: 7:00am to 2:00pm
Admission: Free
Audience: All dog lovers are welcome with their dogs

06.30 Registration
08.00 Opening ceremony
08.30 Dogathon™ Space Race
09.15 Demo Slot -Take 1-
09.30 Fastest Eating Duo
10.15 Lucky Draw
10.30 Alien Says
11.15 Demo Slot -Take 2-
11.30 Resc-UFO
12.00 Dogathon™ Space Idol
12.45 Grand Lucky Draw
13.00 Prizes and closing ceremony

Site A
9.00 Pet-n-You Agility Trials
11.00 Dogathon Agility Jumper Trials

Site B
9.30-12.00 Master Hunt

Site C
9.30-1.00 Horse back riding

Dogathon™ Space Race RM 10 (Unlimited Participants)

Master Hunt RM 10 (Unlimited Participants)

Dogathon™ Space Idol RM 10 (25 Participants only)

Fasting Eating Duo + Resc-UFO RM 10 (75 Participants only)

Alien Says + One Free trial at Galaxy theme park RM 10 (75 Participants only)

For any 2 packages - RM 16
For any 3 packages - RM 21
For any 4 packages - RM 26
All packages - RM 30

Sixth Sense RM 3
Galaxy Theme Park Games RM 1
Horse Back Riding RM 5
Dogathon™ Jumper Agility Trial RM25 (20 Participants only)

Map to UPM

Stage Plan

For more info, please visit Dogathon website.


Animal Hairstyles

Passion for animals? Ever think of getting an animal hairstyles? Not sure what I'm talking about? Then, go on and read more!

I recently received a forward mail from my colleague with different types of animal hairstyles. It's very creative and interesting though but I bet you wouldn't step out the house if you have had these styles on your head.

Bear Hairstyle

Dog Hairstyle

Elephant Hairstyle

Giraffe Hairstyle

Mooese Hairstyle

I'm not sure what animal is this but my guess is Porcuppine Hairstyle

Not sure of this as well, but my guess is Rabbit Hairstyle

If I'm wrong with the animal hairstyle, please do correct me if you know! Thanks. =)


Funny Imagination

I'm writing this in advance and set it to be auto publish. If you're reading this today as in 12th July 2008 at 7.00am Malaysian time, I'm already on my way to Redang Island, Malaysia (check this place out on google, it's a nice island) and Suki is already at Puppy's Cottage for boarding while I'm away, hope she's alright there. I'll take lotsa nice photos and snap some fishes photos if possible(I do not have a waterproof camera anyway, anyone would like to sponsor?). I'll talk more bout Redang Island when I'm back as this will be my first time there and I can't comment much yet.

Flo Rida - Low is famous nowadays, this song have been repeated in various radio station few times a day.

The lyrics is quite interesting maybe with my bad listening or maybe with my added imagination.

The original Chorus:-
Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans]
Boots with the fur [With the fur]
The whole club was lookin at her
She hit the flo [She hit the flo]

I wonder if I'm the only one, I always hear this instead of the correct word coz it sounds almost the same when listened and please take note I edited anotehr sentence as well.

Edited Version:-
Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans]
Boobs with the fur [With the fur]
Those with paws was lookin at her
She hit the flo [She hit the flo]

So, who will that be? Obviously,it couldwill not me be. I've always imagine that if my furkid acts like a human being and hit the clubs but the looks will still remain as it is now.
Then the one whom has Boobs with the fur [With the fur] is my furkid (dogs does have fur every where).

Don't believe it? See below.


If she were to dance, my imagination will be that she stands with her 2 hinds legs, one of her fore limbs will be touching behind her head and she shake her butt to dance sexily.

I find it quite funny but for those who doesn't please do not get offended as well. Cheers.


Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2008

Yippie! My furkid finally looks girlish today, her fur/coat/fringe are just long enough for me to tye up so it won't block her view.

Baby shots

Manage to capture this shot when she's licking her nose, seems like she's eating or aiming something yummy.

Last weekend I attended the Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2008 held at Central Park, Banadar Utama, Malaysia organized by puppy.com.my and sponsored by Purina. This is the time where we can see lotsa different breed of dogs, dog clubs, and pet lovers gathered together for the same passion - Love of their dog.

It started rizzling when we reached there so we went for McD Breakfast. *yum yum*.

They have a few competition for the participants, those who scored the highest will win the champion. For those who did not participate in the Olympic, they could join the mini games which is quite interesting such as Dog Simon Say. I wanted to participate this together with my furkid however it seems like she wasn't that well and active that day. So, i just brought her there to socialize with other furkid and also to let her enjoy her walk while my eye gets the feast (don't misunderstood, it's just feast by looking all the doggies, they're all equavalent adorable).

Of coz, everytime there's a dog event there'll be performance by the Police K9 which is interesting and entertaining. The crowd gathered beside waiting enthusiastly for this. The K9 did jump into a hoop with fire(how daring they are! I don't even dare too), they'll attack/bite the "suspect" until the trainer says to let go, else, they would not let go even if u stand and swing, the dog's jaw will still be biting it and swing in the air. Their nose sense are so powerful that even the drugs are in a suitcase they're able to sniff it out as well. Just wondering, are those those actually addicted to these drugs? Coz they've been trained to sniff out these things. I've taken a few videos but to be uploaded soon. Stay tune!

Thre's this Caucasian breed dog imported from Russia for RM9k which caught many attention of the dog lovers there. It is only 7 months olsd and the size is huge, if I do not recall wrongly it's size is slightly bigger than an adult German Shephard.

This is it - the Caucasian


I walked around in the park and this dog caught my attention, he was really obedient that his owner called him to sit still, he'll sit nd stay at the same place to allow us to take his picture. And not to forget, he has very nice fluffy fur.


We really enjoyed this type of events as we get to socialize around and could exchange soem interesting stories and also knowlegeable information. At the end of the day, we're both so tired but I still gotta bath her and she gets to relax with my massage during the bath (but she doesn't like to take bath). Looking forward for this next event!



Company Trip 08 - A' Famosa

I recently went for a company trip to A' Famosa. For those whom are not from Malaysia, A' Famosa is located in Melaka, Malaysia. This is quite a famous tourist place as well. It's really big there, somehow seems like a city by itself.

We stayed in this villa which is kinda nice, it has this swimming pool at the backyard as well. But we gals did not go to our pool coz ours are kinda dirty. As for the guys, they really did enjoy swimming n chilling in the pool and do all their "stuns".

We 12 girls in a villa, I wonder where is another gal that time.

The Kitchen

The Washroom

The Pool

The Hall

Oh, I managed to capture this. The guy's place. They can chuck as many things as possible on the table.

They have Safari there as well but we did not go for that as our package does not include that and due to the time constraint as well. A'Famosa also have this small town called Cowboy Town which is quite famous.

Of course during the trip, I din miss out the chance to take a picture with 1 of the animal, the Horse. Felt that it's quite pitiful as well cause whenever there's a bus around, the horse feel kinda streesed out and it has to carry a crate behind.


There are many different type of breeds of horse performing different task. Horses life span is about 25~30 years. However, there is 1 horse call "Old Billy", a horse which lived in the 19th century, lived up to 62 years. That's double the life span of a normal horse. Pregnancy for horse lasts for approximately 335-340 days and usually results in one foal.

I found some terminology from Wikipedia.The following terminology is used to describe horses of various ages:

Foal: a horse of either sex less than one year old. A nursing foal is sometimes called a suckling and a foal that has been weaned is called a weanling. Most domesticated foals are weaned at 4-6 months of age.

Yearling: a horse of either sex that is between one and two years old.

Colt: a male horse under the age of four. A common terminology error is to call any young horse a colt, when the term actually only refers to young male horses.

Filly: a female horse under the age of four.

Mare: a female horse four years old and older.

Stallion: a non-castrated male horse four years old and older. Some people, particularly in the UK, refer to a stallion as a "horse." A Ridgling or "Rig" is a stallion which has an undescended testicle. If both testicles are not descended, the horse may appear to be a gelding, but will still behave like a stallion.

Gelding: a castrated male horse of any age, though for convenience sake, many people also refer to a young gelding under the age of four as a "colt."

There is so much more about horses which I could type "forever", I'll leave that for bloggeries in the future. For the time being, you may click here to view more about horse.

Back to the topic, there is also a baby elephant which tourist can pay to take a photo together. But this baby elephant is being chained-up for safety of the tourist.

During this company trip of coz we have the team building activities, it was kinda fun and we have some free and easy time to play at the water world where we can see our male colleagues go wild. =p. Then at night I was 1 of the emcee for the dinner, I guess I'm the worst of all.


Overall, all of us had a great time.