Last month I we to KL tower for the SPCA World Animal Day and it was a real memorable ones.

My furkid couldn't join me coz she has a growth on her lips area and the event on that day will screen through your furkid before they could enter. If they find that your furkid is unhealthy, then the furkid will not be allowed to go in.

Let's not talk bout that event first, coz I have something which catches your attention more. The main focus for me was a room with a projector, projecting a movie called EARTHLING.

Earthlings is a 2003 multi-award winning documentary written, produced and directed by Shaun Monson and co-produced by Persia White. The film was narrated by Hollywood actor and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix. Earthlings also features an original score by musician and activist Moby.


Part 1 - Pet

Part 2 - Food

Part 3 - Clothing

Part 4 - Entertainment

Part 5 - Science


Have you even thought of dogs are used for beer testing? Did you know that there's an elephant which used for circus have ran out of the circus tent and have injured some people. But, why did the elephant acted this way? And what's the ending of the elephant? Find out in this movie. U'll be shocked!

I think the worse part is the Clothing and Experimentation section. I didn't watch that part, my boyfriend advised me to leave the room coz he knows that I couldn't accept that fact, it's just too cruel. He told me how they took off a fox's skin off it's body, skinning it alive. The cruel part experimentation section is using the monkeys to test the helmet. They make the monkey wear the helmet and hit towards the wall to see how much can the helmet take the impact. Imagine u're the monkey...

If some people argue that in earlier times of human kind, we hunt animals for food with spears, isn't that almost the same? YES, PERHAPS, MAYBE. But think again, were human that demanding that time? Were human have such high expectations to have leather shoes and bags? Were our population that big?

Sometimes, we blamed and we killed the animals which have attacked humankind. But, have you thought that we are expanding fast into their forest and land of their territory which they called home and built with our buildings, sky scrappers. Their land are getting smaller, the food is getting less, and we're slowly pushing them towards extinction.

I would strongly recommend you to watch this, I've only included certain parts of the movies taken from youtube. It touches lotsa points and how we human treated them for our needs. I felt disgusted by our human ways of getting our needs. If you need to kill it, kill it fast, instead of killing it slowly and torturing it.