Nescafe Kickstart Competition

At work, I received several call from unknown number. I'd have to reject and put the call to silence mode as was still on a call with customers. I have a strong feelings... It must be the call from Nescafe Kickstart. I wanted to call back when the customer call has ended...but, where's the number??!!!! Oh gosh..thankfully, they called me again. There is a task whereby I will need to create a video to convince the judges. Over the few days, had been thinking of the ideas,flow,music and the most important, the FEEL of it. So much of planning!

And finally, the shooting starts...Interviewing some people to get their opinions of pet sitting services. It's really fun during the process, I shall say I've learn something new as well!

Now, here we go. Let's enjoy the the video clip together. It's about my dream job, my passion, my PETSsion. I hope you'd like it and hopefully do support me as well!

***NOTE : Please turn on your speaker louder. =D ***