Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2 Final

Oh yes, I am the host for Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2 Final. It was kinda fun but of coz, it's nervous for me as well as this is my first time doing a video shooting.

I did a photoshooting for an advertisement last time, that was years back but wasn't that nervous, cus that was with a bunch of people, it was really fun but tiring. Everyone will have to co-operate in order to take a nice shot.

So, I'll let the video do the talking then. Below are all the contestants video and also introduction about Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge. Anyway, hope you enjoy~

Indtroduction of Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge


Here goes another video of one of the finalist

So, what do you think about it? =)



Okay, some of you may say - "Ras wha?" Yes, it's Rastafarian, it's a type of dog breed. So, you've not seen this breed before and wonder how it looks like... Do imagine this, a walking brown mop. Still couldn't imagine? Have a look with your own eyes!

This look like a rug, if it's infront of door step or toilet, you might be rubbing your feet against it.

I guess if you see this any where, you might feel disgusted at first but will go closer and take a look.

Okay, if you see this around, you might be really terrified or freaked out and thinking what on earth is this creature.





You might be thinking what mop this is if it's not moving, or maybe it's a witch broom if you see this moving.


I got to know about this breed from a forward mail and google it ! Tt seems like when it's still a puppy, the fur/coat doesn't look like this. Eventually as they grow older, it kinda "dreadlock" itself.

i forward the mail to my fellow colleagues and it seems like this breed is scarry and somehow not many people can tolerate/handle it. As for me, I think it's quite cool but i'll just cut the fur short, even my Suki's fur is always short. I couldn't imagine how am I suppose to groom him/her. Second thought, I guess I'll have to shave it all then! But I wonder how's the natural characteristic of this dog like, have you come across this breed before?

Anyhow, my personal opinion is that it looks like he/she knows how to rap! No kidding, doesn't Rastafarian looks like a cool rapper?


Bad Party Foods for Dogs

I've read my Clubpet's megazine and I found this article very informative and would like to share with all pet lovers here. And even if you are not a pet lover, I guess it increases your knoeledge too.

Below is the list of dog food which is BAD for your furkid.

1. Alcohol
Impact : Leads to disorientation, sickness, urination problems, coma and even death.

2. Toxic Chocolate
Most toxic to the least : Cocoa and cooking chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate
Why : Chocolate contains theobromine, a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic(a substance that removes water from body by promoting urine formation and the loss of salt)
Impact : Increase dog's heart rate to irregularity or seizures, stimulated to excitement and hyperactivity, passing large volume of urine and increase of thirst, vomiting and diarrhoea, signs of sickness may not be seen for several hours, with death following within 24 hours.

3. Cooked bones
Risk : splinters get stuck in teeth, caught in the throat, rupturing the stomach lining or intestinal tract
Impact : Pale or blue gums, heavy gasping, pawing at face, slow and shallow breathing, unconsciousness with dilated pupils.

4. Tobacco products
Why : Chewing of tobacco can prove fatal to dogs.
Impact : Signs of nicotine poisoning can appear within an hour, includes hyperactivity, salivation, panting, vomiting, diarrhoea.
Advanced signs : muscle weakness, twitching, collapse, coma, increased of heart rate, cardiac arrest.

5. Out of harm's way
Reminder : Remind guests not to feed your pet with food scraps, chocolates or any party food.

*Note : Always prepare a list of emergency phone numbers and hospital addresses.

If you've notice your pet acting strangely, it may mean that it has digested something toxic and please do send it to vet immediately!

Information is taken from clubpets megazine, issue 22.


Dungeon Dragon

Have you seen a dungeon dragon before?See below.

Just kidding, it's just Suki obssessed and crazed over her Greenies and when i go near her, she growls at me.


Happenings of Pet Malaysia 2008

Hmm..ok, I know it's a little late to talk about the post events of Pet Malaysia Day 2008 now, but again, I was busy with other stuff earlier on.

I remembered I couldn't really sleep well the night before. As usual, I'm just over excited about it and din get to have a good night sleep, and yeah... I woke up very early too! I'm just used to waking up early everyday now.

So, before going to the event, manage to snap a picture of myself first without my furkid. All ready up to go to the event!


Once we reach and I left Suki on a table, hmm...being taken advantaged by the other furkid.

Suki had a really bad habit that she kind of marks her terrotory everytime she goes out. So, got to bring her to the poo and pee area real fast before she starts marking the marks in the wrong area. She will normally sniff around first then takes a real long time before letting herself doing her small business at the area.

Before we go into the exhibition hall, there are many dogs "hanging out" just outside the hall. and I caught one of it in the act. Pleasuring him/her self. hm...you must be thinking who and what kinda act is that. It's kinda cleaning him/herself up, maybe it has just finish it's business as well.It's just a normal act which dogs does.

When we head in the exhibition hall, we'll need to have a chop at our hands first to show that you made the payments for the entrance.

Before roaming around the area, it is a must for me to snap a nice picture of both of us first(before Suki looks tired and messy)!

Argh... such a disaster of the day. Suki poo-ed in the exhibition hall! It's the slimy type and as a responsible owner, of course I cleaned it up as well although it took me quite some time.

Below are the pictures taken from the event.

Suki : WoW..these birds looks tasty, wonder if chicken or these birds is tastier.

Beautiful princesses.

The cutie.
shih tzuPoodle 2Photobucket

The active little tiny furkid - Yorkshire Terrier.


I find these cruel. Each of the fish is put into a small plastic bag with so little of water.. The water is about half or 3/4 of the plastic only. It doesn't cover the fish fully.

Popeye fish.

The golden twins.
Golden Twins

Gizmo. Not sure if you know what Gizmo is, it's actually a creature is a movie which I've watch when I was younger. There's the evil Gizmo and the good ones. But of course, this is not a Gizmo, just happen to snap a picture of a look alike. It's a Pomeranion.

Lazy cats. Sleeps all time when we were there.

curious kiss
Suki: Hm...what on earth is this creature? It has a leash as well and it doesn't look like my kind.
Emeryn : It's a ferret.

Close-up of the ferret.

Silky puppies
Suki: Oh gosh, do I look like this when I was still a puppy? It's totally different.

Suki : I din dinosaur still exist!

Eukanuba BIG ads.

I signup for Petster megazine at their booth. I've always wanted to have some pets mefazine and now I have it. After paying RM20.00 for a year of subscription, I found out that it's actually a free copy of megazine which they distribute 20,000 copies every month. What a foolish me! But nevermind, at least I get to have these deliverred to my door step every month and not need to rush to the shops or vets to get a copy.

I bought some pets megazines from SPCA as well. it's only RM10.00 for 3 different issue. Although it's old issues, the megazine is quite thick and I guess it should be informative as well.

Dog : Whatcha looking at? Jealous that I look better than you? Dare to fight me then!

Dog : Argh... I lost to Suki!

After a few hours in the exhibition hall, it's time to head back. Suki was dead tired in the journey back home.


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As for the challenge takers, once again, I wish all of you good luck and show to the world how Purina One make a difference to your furkid and you. I will be visiting you guys in a while for the shooting. So, be prepared and give your best shot!