Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2 Final

Oh yes, I am the host for Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2 Final. It was kinda fun but of coz, it's nervous for me as well as this is my first time doing a video shooting.

I did a photoshooting for an advertisement last time, that was years back but wasn't that nervous, cus that was with a bunch of people, it was really fun but tiring. Everyone will have to co-operate in order to take a nice shot.

So, I'll let the video do the talking then. Below are all the contestants video and also introduction about Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge. Anyway, hope you enjoy~

Indtroduction of Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge


Here goes another video of one of the finalist

So, what do you think about it? =)


Tai how said...

Wah, din know that guys wit dog talk so gurly way, really cant stand the way they talk. Anyway all talks sound good but not Jasmine.

Justin Ng said...

Good job there on the hosting!! :D
This one appeared on TV or not?

Emeryn said...

Hey, thanks. Erm..nope. It appear on the Purina One website only.

Astermeds.com said...

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