Bad Party Foods for Dogs

I've read my Clubpet's megazine and I found this article very informative and would like to share with all pet lovers here. And even if you are not a pet lover, I guess it increases your knoeledge too.

Below is the list of dog food which is BAD for your furkid.

1. Alcohol
Impact : Leads to disorientation, sickness, urination problems, coma and even death.

2. Toxic Chocolate
Most toxic to the least : Cocoa and cooking chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate
Why : Chocolate contains theobromine, a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic(a substance that removes water from body by promoting urine formation and the loss of salt)
Impact : Increase dog's heart rate to irregularity or seizures, stimulated to excitement and hyperactivity, passing large volume of urine and increase of thirst, vomiting and diarrhoea, signs of sickness may not be seen for several hours, with death following within 24 hours.

3. Cooked bones
Risk : splinters get stuck in teeth, caught in the throat, rupturing the stomach lining or intestinal tract
Impact : Pale or blue gums, heavy gasping, pawing at face, slow and shallow breathing, unconsciousness with dilated pupils.

4. Tobacco products
Why : Chewing of tobacco can prove fatal to dogs.
Impact : Signs of nicotine poisoning can appear within an hour, includes hyperactivity, salivation, panting, vomiting, diarrhoea.
Advanced signs : muscle weakness, twitching, collapse, coma, increased of heart rate, cardiac arrest.

5. Out of harm's way
Reminder : Remind guests not to feed your pet with food scraps, chocolates or any party food.

*Note : Always prepare a list of emergency phone numbers and hospital addresses.

If you've notice your pet acting strangely, it may mean that it has digested something toxic and please do send it to vet immediately!

Information is taken from clubpets megazine, issue 22.


Animals Need Help said...

That's a good post about some of the dangers to dogs in your home. Most people are not aware that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. I had a Lab that grabbed a plate of fudge off of the kitchen counter and it almost did him in. Looking forward to reading more in the future...

emeryn said...

I din know that chocolate was poisonous to dogs last time until I read it somewhere is a forum. When i first had my furkid, I fed her with chocolates whenever I eat, no matter it's milk chocolate, dark cocolate or white chocolate. Thank god nothing happened to her and god bless nothing happened to your Lab.

I will keep update more information of facts to share. I heard that grapes are poisonous for dogs too. I've not done any research for that yet. i'll do it soon and update it and do drop by. =)

Animals Need Help said...

xylitol which is an artificial sweetener used in some kinds of chewing gums are also poisonous to dogs. One of our dachshunds are a pack of it about a year ago. That was pretty scary, the pet poison control people on the phone told us to use a syringe to give him hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up the gum and then we took him to the emergency room. He's all better now but we look close at the ingredients of any chewing gum we buy now to make sure it does not contan the dog poison xylitol.

emeryn said...

oOooo..that's something new I learn today. Thanks for the information, I din know about that. I shall be very careful about that too. Just a question, how come your dachshund ate chewing gums? by accident?