I'm Moved

I found these videos while I was surfing some Youtube videos quite some time ago and I saved it as my favourites. After watching these videos, I'm really moved.

Many animals/pets are being euthanized every year. You just can't imagine the huge amount of it. You could say it's cruel, but sometimes, there are nothing much you could do but forced to put them to sleep as the adoption rate is too low and the amount of animals being abondened or strays are just too high. Some even have sickness and the fees is just unbearable as not many people could afford it.

I have known a lady whom I shall say is quite rich, she told me that she adopted the dog which wasn't that healthy. Tt has some skin problem and the medical fees for it is considerred quite high though. She knew that not many people will take the chances so she decided to adopt it. That's really so kind and considerate of her. She have actually adopted 2-3 dogs and foster some of it as well.

So, I'd really hoped that people will be kind hearted like her. If it wasn't her to adopt the dog, it might have been put to sleep cause not many shelters could afford that.

Below is the video which I would like to share. The first video song is by Avril Lavign - i'm with you. As stated in Youtube, Avril Lavigne granted permission to use her song "I'm with you" to convey this important message for animals. The organization is called "New Leash On Life". This video actually conveys the message quite well to the public. So, have a look at it.

Another of the video which I'd like to share with you guys.


Animals Need Help said...

Nice movie, I like the song. I added your site to our blogroll if you would like to trade.

emeryn said...

Yeah, I like these movie. It really creates the feel and awareness to people.

I've added your site to my blogroll as well!


Anonymous said...

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