Dying to be Rescued

Horse 2

Horse 1

What the H***!!! I know... You just can't not to say that upon seeing pictures like this. Horses are suppose be a strong, tough , muscular animal, but what do we see here? It is really heart wrenched seeing images like this.

These horse are Melinsung ranch located 20 mins South of Kota Kinabalu... As reported from SPCA website, tourist are suppose to sign up for some activities(what??!!!does the owner still wants the horses t ork at such condition?!!!!!), instead what they found have left them sickened. In the report of 17th January, 2008, the owner is trying to sell of the meat. OMG, how the H*** could a person do that to such an innocent animal.

I'm sure that the horses are used for gaining some income such as horse riding activities and so on, is this what this horses should get in return? Even if the cost of buying and breeding them have not been coverred or even if it's coverred, there's no way a man should treat their pets/animals like this. This is just way too much!

I am glad that the tourist had actually reported his cause if they don't, there might not be any action taken at all. The authorities might have not realize this. I only know about this when I visited the SPCA website. If you would like to take action or voice up, you could write to the authorities as stated in he SPCA websites.

I really couldn't imagine what would the tourist think of Malaysia when they see such thing happens, I believe these images will stay in their memory as long as they live, the stories will spread as long as a man can talk or type nowadays.


Interesting Facts about Dogs

  • A dog's heart beats 70 to 120 times a minute... a human heart beats 70 to 80 times a minute.

  • The largest breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound. The Chihuahua is the smallest, while breeds like the St. Bernard and Mastiff are among the heaviest.
    Irish WolfhoundChihuahuaSt. BernardOld English Mastiff

  • Dogs are not born knowing the words "Sit", "Down", "Stand".
    Emeryn : Wahaha, but now my dog undersands coz I taught her.But seems like she only understand these commands when there's food around

  • Dogs and men are the only animals with prostate glands.

  • There are about 700 types of pure breed dogs.
    Emeryn : What a huge amount! I only knewa few.

  • Dachshunds were bred to fight badgers in their dens.

  • The most intelligent dogs are said to be Border Collies, Poodles and Golden Retrievers.
    Border ColliesPoodleGolden Retriever

  • A Bloodhound can identify several smells simultaneously.
    Emeryn : Great nose!

  • Dalmatian puppies are usually pure white when born.
    Damlation puppy
    Emeryn : I din know this!

  • The smallest dog in history was a tiny Yorkie from Blackburn, England. At two years of age and fully grown, this little canine was an amazing 6.35cm tall by 9.5cm long, and weighed only 113grams!
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Emeryn : Please don't let your dog run around, some one might have step on it!

  • Most domestic dogs are able to reach speeds of 30.5kms per hour, when running flat out. The Greyhound, the king of canine speedsters, is capable of reaching speeds of up to 64kms per hour!
    Emeryn : Damn..they run so fast..I guess my fastest speed is only about 10km/h . Hahaha.

  • The oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle-dog named Bluey. He was put to sleep at the ripe old age of 29 years and five months!
    Australian Cattle
    Emeryn : What an old dog. Respect!

  • All dogs, from the German Shepherd to the tiny Poodle, are technically of the same species and can breed together and produce fertile offspring.
    German ShephardTiny Poodle

  • The world's heaviest (and longest) dog ever recorded was an Old English Mastiff named Zorba. In 1989, Zorba weighed about 155kg and was 3.1m long from nose to tail!
    Old English MastiffEnglish MastiffMastiff
    Emeryn : That's almost 5 times of my current weight!

  • A survey revealed that at least 63 per cent of dog owners admitted to kissing their dogs. Of these, 45 per cent kissed them on the nose, 19 per cent on the neck, 7 per cent on the back, 5 per cent on the stomach and 2 per cent on the legs.
    Emeryn : I do kiss my dog..every part of her except her moust aea and butt~

  • The tallest dog on record was named Shamgret Danzas. He was 1.06m tall, at the shoulder, and weighed 108kg.
    Shamgret Danzas

  • A frightened dog puts its tail between its legs to cover the scent glands in the anal area. Since the anal glands carry personal scents that identify individual dogs, this behaviour is the canine equivalent of insecure humans hiding their faces.
    Emeryn : Interesting...

  • Dogs can very easily regurgitate. In fact, after eating, wolves can travel significant distances back to their dens and regurgitate their food at will to feed their pups!

  • Surveys show that 62 percent of dog owners admit their dog owns a jumper, wintercoat or raincoat.

  • Dogs can see colour but it is not as vivid as the colour humans see. Dog colour is similar to what we see at twilight.Research
    Human vs Canine VisionHuman vs Caine Vision2
    Emeryn : I thought dog can't see colours at all. Only black and white.

  • The average city dog lives three years longer than the average country dog!

  • Chocolate kills dogs! Chocolate affects a dog's heart and nervous system; a few ounces are enough to kill a small dog.
    Emeryn : I din know about this and I fed Suki with lotsa Chocolates last time! But after readong about chocolate kills dog some where, I stopped and pray hard that nothing happens to my Furkid.

Hope you guys enjoy these fact as much as I do!

*NOTE : Facts taken from http://www.pedigree.com.au/dogknows/


Updated : Screen Clean

If your screen dirty and needed to clean up but lazy, click on the below link then! I bet that you'll love it. Enjoy~

Screen Clean

Earlier on I have a broken link, I've just found anoterh link which points to the same video.

Upcoming - Pet World Malaysia 2008

Hey guys, this is a highly anticipated event in the K9 calendar which will be held in Malaysia's premier shopping mall, The Megamall! Premier location plus air conditioned comfort for you and your 4-legged friend.

Organised by Fairs and Events Management Sdn Bhd with PetnYou assisting in running the games and trials. Featuring a variety of pet products and exhibition booths, enticing doggie games and challenging OB & Agility trials. It will be a whole day's affair on Saturday 29 March 2008, so mark your diary for this one!

For those interested in taking part in the dog OB and Agility trials, entry form is available at http://www.petnyou.com.my/?q=node/1013. Further details of event also available at above link.

Event : Pet World Malaysia 2008
Date : 28-30 March 2008
Location : Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 10am-9pm
Entrance Fee :
Adult - RM5.00
Children : RM2.00

Special Activities:

* Canine Obedience & Agility Trials
* Feline Fancy Dress Competition
* Feline Grooming Demonstration
* ... and many more!

Please do mark down on your diary and not to miss this event as it's the very FIRST Malaysia Pet show! I have traning on Saturday so I'll be going on Sunday with my furkid Suki. So, see ya there!


Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2

Guess what?! It's one of the most happenning pet contest is back in town! It's the Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2!

Before we go further, please go to the below link, click on the Download Now button at the left panel which writtes "Download the PURINA ONE widget to get updates".


No worries, it's just an *.exe file, it doesn't requires any installation at all! This widgets will actually show you the latest updates of the Purina One. Besides, the videos of the finalist will be shown here! Not only that, it has the reminder feature as well! You could also view the products and the information of Purina One at this widget. There is a link at the widgets which brings you to the page where I write some tips for the possible winning! Besides, you could view what are the basic requirements for the contest from here directly without registering first. Sounds good? So, what are you waiting for? Go click it now... Go go go! Once launch the widget, you could see a nice dogie, the cartoon image of the Western White Terrier pop up on your screen. Awww..so cute~~~

Then come back again to view some information about this website.

The Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge will select the 10 best candidate from MyFM listeners and they'll get the prizes below.

10x MyFM Challenge Takers RM500 + 6 months supply of PURINA ONE Dog food worth 500

You could take the RM500 and your furkid will enjoy the goodness of PURINA ONE dog food which I find it really give lotsa benefits to them!

So, what's the GRAND PRIZE?. It's ...

RM10,000 + 12 Months Supply of Purina ONe Dog food worth RM 1,200

Great huh? Ever since my dog won, I've been distributing some dog food to my friends' and family's furkid to try. and, I get to do lotsa good deed also by providing the dog food to the stray dogs hoping that they'll get better nutrition as well. Last but not least, to donate to PAWS as well!

If interested, please do register at the website together with the details of your furkis, upload a photo, answer a simple question "What are the improvements you want to see in your dog after consuming PURINA ONE dog food?" in less than 50 words, before 27th March, 2008, 12.00am.

So, a very good luck to all of you out there whom is/will be participating in Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2 .