Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2

Guess what?! It's one of the most happenning pet contest is back in town! It's the Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2!

Before we go further, please go to the below link, click on the Download Now button at the left panel which writtes "Download the PURINA ONE widget to get updates".


No worries, it's just an *.exe file, it doesn't requires any installation at all! This widgets will actually show you the latest updates of the Purina One. Besides, the videos of the finalist will be shown here! Not only that, it has the reminder feature as well! You could also view the products and the information of Purina One at this widget. There is a link at the widgets which brings you to the page where I write some tips for the possible winning! Besides, you could view what are the basic requirements for the contest from here directly without registering first. Sounds good? So, what are you waiting for? Go click it now... Go go go! Once launch the widget, you could see a nice dogie, the cartoon image of the Western White Terrier pop up on your screen. Awww..so cute~~~

Then come back again to view some information about this website.

The Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge will select the 10 best candidate from MyFM listeners and they'll get the prizes below.

10x MyFM Challenge Takers RM500 + 6 months supply of PURINA ONE Dog food worth 500

You could take the RM500 and your furkid will enjoy the goodness of PURINA ONE dog food which I find it really give lotsa benefits to them!

So, what's the GRAND PRIZE?. It's ...

RM10,000 + 12 Months Supply of Purina ONe Dog food worth RM 1,200

Great huh? Ever since my dog won, I've been distributing some dog food to my friends' and family's furkid to try. and, I get to do lotsa good deed also by providing the dog food to the stray dogs hoping that they'll get better nutrition as well. Last but not least, to donate to PAWS as well!

If interested, please do register at the website together with the details of your furkis, upload a photo, answer a simple question "What are the improvements you want to see in your dog after consuming PURINA ONE dog food?" in less than 50 words, before 27th March, 2008, 12.00am.

So, a very good luck to all of you out there whom is/will be participating in Purina One 30-Day Performance Challenge - Season 2 .


kcherng said...

hey~ good luck to u too =P

emeryn said...

Hey Kc, I'm not participating this year lorz! >.<

Why not you bring your doggie participate this year?

kcherng said...

haha don't waste time to bring my doggie go participate.. haha joking =P

emeryn said...

argh..wow..a chance of winning rm10k is wasting time arr? nvm lorz..u r rich so it doesn't matter to u..wahahahhaaha