Another Inhumane Act Happened in MALAYSIA

READ THIS. Dog catchers acted cruelly, alleges rescuer

I WAS proud that I've been born in such a "strategic" geographical location which is Malaysia, with no winter coldness, super hot sun, storm, tornado, volcano, and extreme weathers to fear about. BUT, I'm deeply ASHAMED with such cruel act in Malaysia.

These are a few inhumane acts of SOME people in Malaysia which you MUST know of happened not too long ago too.
- Owner distraught over cruel killing of 13 dogs , NST, 1 July 2006
- Selayang dog-catching competition scrapped, thestar.com.my, Saturday September 15, 2007

I was and STILL very outraged by such brainless act of humans. Any healthy human being or at least a 5 years old kid will know that suct brutality. I strongly condemn such heinous act. how many times does such cruelty happen till the government totally put a stop to it. Or at least train their personnel to put themselves at other's shoe. Or maybe these people need to attend more training such as role-play. Perhaps they should beat themself or their beloved children then squeeze through the narrow railings of the gate, see would they feel about it.

There is no justification of such inhumane act. Besides, this dog wears a collar chain. It might wander out and doesn't know how to get home. So, perhaps the role-play i mention above should change, these personnel should look at their beloved being beated up, and force through the narrow railings of gate, then they will know that such act is wrong. If such act to human is wrong, why dun they think that such act to animal is wrong too? Is it because we human think we are better than them so we can act such way?

I really think that they should be fired and punished for such act, and never ever work with any jobs with any possibility to deal with animals again. Who knows what will they do next. There should be a lesson for them and others to learn.

I also suggest that perhaps schools can start implmenting animal friendly activity or program as an extra-curricular to bring awareness, and teach school children what's love and care for animals. Many parents have given the wrong impression to their child that animals are dirty, dogs will bite them and so on. Parents play a big-role on upbringing their child. If the child have the correct impression, they too will not act so violently and when they grow up, they'll teach their children the same and goes on to next generation.

Remember this before your next action. What comes around goes around.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mohandas Gandhi


Today - World Animal Day at KL Tower Terrace

This should be quite a huge event as this is the first time World Animal Day being celebrated at KL Tower.

SPCA - KL Tower World Animal Day
Date: Sunday, 2nd November 2008
Time: 12pm-6pm
Venue: KL Tower Terrace (Menara KL)

Wow...Can you imagine that? Dogs at KL Tower. But of coz, there's some restriction areas, not that the dog can go everywhere in KL Tower. But however, I really hope 1 fine day, any shopping complex would agree with allowing animals into shopping complex.

My sis went to France recently and told me that the dogs there are allowed into railway station, dogs will also follow their owner without a leash. OMG! I really envy that. Perhaps I should migrate to countries like this and live happily every there.

Opps.. A bit off topic. Back to the topic now. There will be some games and so on of coz.

Activities & Highlights :
- It's a Pet Friendly Event!
- Puppy.com.my Dog Agility & Obedience Demo
- Animals For Adoption (SPCA & PAWS)
- Launch of Animals Matter To Me Campaign
- NGO Booths (WWF, TRAFFIC, MyCat, etc)
- "Celebtrating Animals" Photo Exhibition
- Animal Village (Purina, Rhone Ma, Jaafar Taib Wildlife Paintings, Suzy's Stone Paintings, Petster Magazine, petfinder.my & More)
- "Artists For Animals" Performances (Twilight Action Girl, Hunny Madu, Phlowtron & More)
- Cheerleaders, Capoiera & Hip-hop dance performances ((including Groovy the Dancing Dog!)
- Interactive Storytelling
- Special Appearance by 50st Legion
- 200 Free limited edition tees by ActionTinToy for early birds!
- Hosted by Vandal @ Jason Schadt
- "Kind Kids R Kool Kids!" Coloring Competition (tentative)
- Celebrity Photo Session
- Free Movie Screening : Earthlings
- Limited Edition WAD tees
- World Animal Day Goodie Bags

So, what are you waiting for? It sure sounds like a huge event! Prepare yourself now (also your 4-legged furkid) and start looking for map to go there(IF u dunno the route there =D )