Today - World Animal Day at KL Tower Terrace

This should be quite a huge event as this is the first time World Animal Day being celebrated at KL Tower.

SPCA - KL Tower World Animal Day
Date: Sunday, 2nd November 2008
Time: 12pm-6pm
Venue: KL Tower Terrace (Menara KL)

Wow...Can you imagine that? Dogs at KL Tower. But of coz, there's some restriction areas, not that the dog can go everywhere in KL Tower. But however, I really hope 1 fine day, any shopping complex would agree with allowing animals into shopping complex.

My sis went to France recently and told me that the dogs there are allowed into railway station, dogs will also follow their owner without a leash. OMG! I really envy that. Perhaps I should migrate to countries like this and live happily every there.

Opps.. A bit off topic. Back to the topic now. There will be some games and so on of coz.

Activities & Highlights :
- It's a Pet Friendly Event!
- Puppy.com.my Dog Agility & Obedience Demo
- Animals For Adoption (SPCA & PAWS)
- Launch of Animals Matter To Me Campaign
- NGO Booths (WWF, TRAFFIC, MyCat, etc)
- "Celebtrating Animals" Photo Exhibition
- Animal Village (Purina, Rhone Ma, Jaafar Taib Wildlife Paintings, Suzy's Stone Paintings, Petster Magazine, petfinder.my & More)
- "Artists For Animals" Performances (Twilight Action Girl, Hunny Madu, Phlowtron & More)
- Cheerleaders, Capoiera & Hip-hop dance performances ((including Groovy the Dancing Dog!)
- Interactive Storytelling
- Special Appearance by 50st Legion
- 200 Free limited edition tees by ActionTinToy for early birds!
- Hosted by Vandal @ Jason Schadt
- "Kind Kids R Kool Kids!" Coloring Competition (tentative)
- Celebrity Photo Session
- Free Movie Screening : Earthlings
- Limited Edition WAD tees
- World Animal Day Goodie Bags

So, what are you waiting for? It sure sounds like a huge event! Prepare yourself now (also your 4-legged furkid) and start looking for map to go there(IF u dunno the route there =D )


andyliau said...

I was there after i saw ur blog posted on Sunday. But i only noticed in the late noon. Snap few photos during 5.30pm when the crowd already leave. Dark weather in whole afternoon and drizzling when i about to leave.

Emeryn said...

opps..i should've posted bout this event earlier. Forgotten to post it actually. I left bout 4pm+ . It was already drizzling, didn't bring along umbrealla, had to use the megazines to cover myself n walk super duper far outside, parked at the hotel.

hm..5.30pm is late, coz the event finishes at 6pm. =p

I'll try to upload the photos soon. Gotta transfer from my phone(i dun think it'll be clear)and crop the photos.