Ninja Cat

Have you seen a ninja before? I guess not. So, what if I say it's a ninja CAT huh?

This is quite a cool and super duper cute and adorable cat. It's quite a famous youtube video. If u've not heard or seen it, check out this video!

So, what do you think about this? You gonna start training your dogs or cats with such cool skill now huh? My furkid will have a long way to learn this.


andyliau said...

Hahaha... really behtahan. that's cats character... always curious.. my persian mix did this many times. LOL

Emeryn said...

wow...really? Did you manage to record it? should share it =) it'll be funny and cute.

andyliau said...

Too bad, the cat is not with me now. Otherwise can show u.

Emeryn said...

aiks..not necessary now. perhaps next time =)

My furkid can nvr do that. LOL.

coffee fiend said...

that cat has the cutest face ever

Anonymous said...

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