Updated : All About My Eyes - My Lasik Eye Experience

Having wearing glasses for... Let me count, 1,2,3,4,5,... Oh no 12 long years since 10 years old (Standard 4) till my working life, I'm finally free of glasses(hopefully forever).

I remembered when I was 10 years old in SRJK (C) Convent Datuk Keramat, the teacher was doing the eye test for us whereby we close 1 eye, and given the BIg "E" card, I can't really see well. I guessed I can only view the 1st 3 rows. I've always sit at the first row in class and I know that my eye sight is not so good(I'm short actually), I'm very vain so I kept quiet all the while not telling that I have bad vision (who likes to wear thick glasses anyway?!)

Blame it on inheritance(everyone in my family wear glasses except my younger sister), or blame it on my bad habit of reading comic books while lying on bed, sitting only 1 meter away from the television), I finally gave in and to wear spectacles. I'm always been teased as a duckling(argh...)

Growing up to be an teenager, I grow taller, my voice changed(I'm famous for crybaby, my voice was like a guy's voice), my body proportion changed, my eye sight power INCREASED too! Each year it increases about 50-100.

Then, I started wearing toric lens(yeah, I have high astig too) when I was Form 2(14 years old) till this year. There's pros and cons of wearing contact lens though. Let's see.

- You look prettier (VERY IMPORTANT point)
- You don't need to worry when you get out from a cold place to a warm place(foggy glasses)
- You don't need to worry to wipe your glasses due to stains or dust
- You don't need to worry you have to push up your glasses when you sweat(your glasses slide down)

- When there's dust gets into your eyes, it's irritating and you'll have red teary eyes
- Always have to remember to take off your contact lens before you go for your beaty sleep
- If wear contact lens for too long hours, you'll get super dry eyes
- You can't really wear contact lens when you go snorkeling( my recent experience when I went to Redang Island, even without wearing contact lens, the sea water really irritates my eyes, can't imagine if I wear contact lens that time)
- You'll look ugly when going snorkeling - coz you have to wear glasses
- If you wear those permanant lens which change only 1 year once, and you accidentally drop a side, there you go, gotta splurge to buy the other side.
- Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, you gotta be very hygienic when comes to contact lens(Remember that you only have 1 pair of eyes, you wouldn't want any cause to destroy it)

My sister have done her eye lasik this year and she told me the pros of it. It really hit me fast with her facts so I did mine as well. With my friend's recommendation that Optimax is good(he did it there too), So, i did mine there.

I've always thought that my power is ...
Right - Short sighted: 800, Astig: 225
Left- Short sighted: 700, Astig: 175

As per checked by the optemetrist there, I'm kinda surpise with my finding.
Right - Short sighted: 900+, Astig: 225
Left- Short sighted: 650, Astig: 175

Hmmp...That's really high. my friends and colleagues are always surpise that I have such high power when they first know.

I layed off my contact lens for 3 weeks before the actual day of the surgery(sounds serious huh?) I kinda freaked out when I watch this Youtube video and I didn't really sleep well few days before the actual day.

*Warning : You not watch if you have a weak heart.

So, here it goes, on the day of 14th August 2008, I said Bye-bye to my glasses of many years.

Enjoying my McD breakfast at Centre Point on the last day of wearing glasses.

Everyone has to wear these clothing before entering the lasik room. I went through the eye scan, checking, to a room to take photo of my eyes, and finally the lasik itself.



Patients are given the medical kit which consist of antibiotic drops, eye-drops(disposible), eye-drops(bottled type), pain killer, eye-shield, celephone tape(used to safe-guard the eye shield on the eyes during sleep).

The whole lasik eye procedure was so fast, it took only about 5-10 minutes for both eyes. But before that, I'm given those eye-drops to dillate the pupil. During the surgery, they uses this very sticky tape to open up your eyes, and they drops the medicine(forgotten what is it called) to numb the eyes, then they uses the equipment inserted to the side of the eye lids to open up your eyes(it's to make sure you can't blink your eyes). It's really scarry lying on the surgery bed with you're totally awaken, but trust me, there's no pain at all though you may feel it.

I undergo the 1st machine which it shoots the laser beam to open up the flap. Then, I was taken to the 2nd room on the 2nd machine which does the job(correcting your power). The doctor told me to look at the red light at the laser machine and told me not to move, but honestly I can't even feel that I had move coz as far as I can remember, I kinda hardened my body like a stone. Hm...maybe the machine detects nano movement.

I think with my power, for wach eye was about a minute+, I can hear the machine saying how many percent done. You know, when it reaches 90%, you will feel extra anxious and excited coz it's almost over( I kept saying to myself:"Bye-bye glasses.").

After the lasik eyes, my vision was blur(don't expect that I can see 100% immediately as it takes time to recover as well). Patients are required to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes when exposed to sun light.

The next follow-up day after the eye lasik to check if the eye flaps are closed or sealed properly, not wrinkled.

It's been a month now and I went through my 3rd follow-up last week. I'm very happy that I no longer have short sighted, only about 50 astig on the left eye and 75 on my right eye. The optemetrist say that it takes about 4-5 months for it to be totally stabalize due to my high power earlier on.

My vision of Suki before eye lasik without wearing glasses(of coz it's actually much blurrer than this)

My vision of Suki now. I will not miss and see clearer of her cuteness now.

I finally felt that I'm no longer an ugly duckling and became a swan (WAHAHAHAAH). I finally have my freedom from my glasses. For those whom has poor eye sights, perhaps you could consider to opt for eye lasik and as those whom are bleesed with perfect and healthy eyes, do take good care of it!

Now I'm proud of my big black round eyes.

Oh..another thing, last but not least, I would really like to thank my doctor a good job on my eyes and he is good looking too. =p .

Updates : I would also want to say a BIG "THANK YOU" to my dear sis for encouraging me for doing the eye lasik. (I'm kinda force to write this..wahhaha..nolaz..it's sincere from my heart, can't you feel it?)


kcherng said...

Wow. Nice Lasik experience. I have a friend who has over thousand short sighted. Maybe I should ask her to go for it too. By the way, is it riskless? =X

Emeryn said...

I can't really say it's riskless or not. If you do some researches on the net, some say there's a small percentage of risk.

Also, it depends on how you take care of it after the lasik as well.

So, it's best to consult the optemetrist.They will provide more sufficient information.These centres provide free eye checkup/consultation. Your friend can go to a few centres then only decide whether she wants to do or not later on.

simon said...
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simon said...

Glad i saw your msg on msn about your lasik experience. now i know a lot more about it. thanks for sharing.

Gwen said...

#@#$$%#$%... nvr thank me to encourage u for your lasik??? :(

Emeryn said...

Hi Simon, so, do you wear glasses or plan to do your eye lasik as well? I would say that I'm really satisfied with my eyes now. =)

Emeryn said...

Alo my dear sis, see my updated blog again, my big thank you is there now =)

eRnie said...

wow now its very convenient ilao ler..how much it cost you? pretty as always ya u :)

Emeryn said...

Hi Ernie, thanks thanks (felt so proud..wahhaah).

It's really convenient now as I dun need to worry bout taking off contact lens everytime i sleep. But my eyes do feel dry when I wake up, I always thought that I have accidentally wore my contact lens to sleep. Stll have to continue using the eyes drops.

Anyway, it cost me bout 5k+ for my eyes, it's actually depending on your eye type, the doctor will recommend to you.

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