Dog Tricks

It's really amazing, and urh... Okay, I recently watched a youtube show and I really envy the guy who have such an obedient dog and able to perform 40 tricks. oh what? 40 tricks?!!! I really hope my dog could perform that much but I dun wanna stress her out. I'll slowly teach and guide her.

Suki currently knows Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Bang (act dead), Roll, Turn, Stand (with 4 legs on floor), Hand, Another Hand, Touch. So, I consider she have learnt about 11 tricks? Currently she's in a training for Back. But she's only able to perform these tricks with 2 condition.

1. Favourite Snacks
2. At Home

It's just so cute watching her performing these tricks and feel like squeezing her hugging her tight.

I've compiled a few websites for those of you who are interesting in teaching your dog new tricks but doesn't know how to start or which trick.

1. My Dog Trick Page!
2. Dog Trick Academy
3.Janet Wall's How to Love Your Dog
4. Dog Tricks, Tips & Insights

I couldn't just end this blog without showing this Youtube show. So, enjoy~

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