Crawl, Suki Crawl

Hereby is a casual video of Suki doing a few tricks including her new trick - 'crawl'. Oh gosh, this trick is the longest lesson so far. She's a lil too excited here and there's quite a few NG in other video(not uploaded). But, my most preferred trick of hers so far is crawl, doesn't she looks like a worm? That's just so cute!

I will capture a better video in the future. Hope you like it. Enjoy~


kcherng said...

hey suki very cute. and your voice too. lol

Emeryn said...

Hey, kcherng, haha..thanks... This is the hardest trick to train her so far..took the longest period though.

But it's really cute looking at her crawling like a worm. =)

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terrence said...

your dog still need to train more hehe......

Emeryn said...

yeah.. I also think so. When see see food, she kinda lose focus and too excited and start to perform tricks without me giving the commands yet.