*Purinaone 30 Days Challenge*

Hm... I got to know this challenge on Newspaper if not mistaken. So, I submitted Suki's photo together with her problems to the website. I anxiously waited for the results everyday. And finally it has come to 20th April 2007, the announcement of finalist day. The result will actually be aired on mixfm station radio at 7:00am - 8:00am. I was on vacation in Penang and I've purposely wake up earlier to find the channel(though I slept late that night). But OMG!!!! It's already passed 8:00am and I still wasn't able to find the tune(what's wrong with my handphone?!)I was kinda disappointed and given up hope. But, later in the evening, to my surprise, I received the call from Purina One regarding the delivery of Dog food(Okay, finalist(dogs of coZ) are suppose to try the dog food for a month and see what's the result after that). Wow... I was really really happy at that moment, it's undescribable. I've joined a few contest(not doggie contest), I have never really get into finalist before(except once, I'm the winner and I din get the prize, they did not deliver to me!!!!)Okay, cut the crap...

Once I've got he Purina One dog food, I started gradually feeding Suki. But, seems like she's a smart dog. I mixed her old dog food and Purina One. She managed to sort and wallup Purina One, leaving the old dog food there. Seems like I do not need to gradually change her dog food.

For the next 4 weeks, I've been observing, taking photos and doing report about her to submit to the website. She have quite a tremendous difference after eating Purina One. You could see the reports which I've submitted at this link -> http://www.purina.com.my/purinaone/challenge/view.htm <- You could also click to see other finalist by that link.

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